Saturday, February 4, 2017

The ancient Godesses spoke Albanian: Venus

Venus is considered to be the Goddess of beauty, desire, love, sex, fertility, prostitution and prosperity. The ancient world sculpted her as a young woman, nude and always beautiful. Her place in the stars was accustomed by the planet that carries the same name.

She wanders the starry nights and blends in with many. Yet, the sun keeps her close to his nest and gifts her with warmth. And from that warmth, she sparks bright every day, sometimes in the dawn before day, when the light of her father has pushed her nightly friends away, and so she became the spark in the morning or the morning star, with the light of her father in the morning day.

And the villagers, they woke up in the dawn before day, and they looked up at the sky every morning day.  Them too waiting for the gift of warmth from the father in the sky, the farmers for their crop tall to stay, the shepherds for their herds in fields to graze and play, and the fishermen in the sea to prey.

In Greece, or so they say, the villagers looked up at the sky every dawn before day, and they saw the beautiful spark in the sky, Aphrodite they called her, though (afron = nears, dite = the day) only in Albanian today. And so did the villagers in Rome or so they say, and looked up at the sky every dawn before day, and them too saw the beautiful spark in the sky, Venere! they said and called her, as that beauty is not to stay, though, again, (vjen<vien> = comes; i ri = new, young [masculine], e re = new, young [feminine]) "the day" "vjen e re" in Albanian still today.

Two shores so far by sea and time, yet so close by mother and tongue, The girl or the Goddess? The beauty or the dawn of day?, neither Greek nor Latin, only Albanian as the light of day.

Birth of Venus by Botticelli
Painting - The Birth of Venere by Botticelli

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