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The origins of the city of Troy

The origin of Troy

If the city of Troy was truly greek then what is it doing with an albanian name?
We have in Albanian the word 'truall' which in english it means property. More specifically the word 'truall' describes a piece of land where a house is built, a property. 
This word in plural becomes 'Troje', the letter 'j' in albanian has a similiar pronounciation as the letter 'i' or 'y', so to make it more understandable in english this word would sound more like Troie, you can also try google translate for 'Troje' for a better understanding. 
A town is made out of many houses or properties build close to each other, which in Troy's case the people decided to call it 'houses' or 'many properties', 'homes' - 'troje' a primitive synonym for town or city. 

This word can be broken down even further. 'troy' in it's roots we get 't' 'roy' which in albanian is 'të' and 'rroj' meaning 'to live', which also fits very well with the first discription above. Troy means 'many houses put together' or 'a town' or 'a place to live', 'a place where people live', from the Albanian language.

Troy was also founded by the dardanians, the Illyrian-Albanian tribe that was located in today's Kosovo. The Dardanelle straight in the Marmara carries to this day the name of the ancient Dardanians.

Greek mythology is a myth. The language of ancient Troy was the Albanian language.


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