Thursday, November 21, 2013

The truth about the Albanian language

I am starting this blog to share some of my research about the Albanian language. It has not been said much in today's history about the importance of this language. Yet according to my research you can find the roots of many languages in the Albanian language. When we think of antiquity most people's minds go automatically in ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome. The theory is that these languages developed from a hypothetical language which historians call the Indo-European language. However many researchers in the past century have found the Albanian language to be one of the most important languages in the world and one of the oldest.

Before antiquity, before ancient Greece or Rome existed, in the Balkans lived the Pelasgians. They are mentioned by many ancient writers. They chose to live in the mountains. Their center was the ancient city of Dodona in todays northern Greece. They initiated the system of beliefs which later the Greeks and Romans adopted. Many times they are referred to as the divine Pelasgians. They are also attributed to have created the first letters, to have started cultivating wheat, etc.. They later spread to populate the Mediterranean coasts, Egypt, to populate Europe all the way to the north, and invaded lands all the way to India.

As a direct link we can say from the Pelasgians derived the Illyrians, the Hittites, the ancient Greeks and the Romans. However, while in most places the language developed and evolved to make today's languages, the Pelasgian language was kept intact and without many changes by the Illyrians whose descendants are the today's Albanians. This language is still spoken in Albania, Kosovo, Monte Negro, Macedonia and also in many Albanian minority villages in Greece, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, southern Italy, Ukraine, and Turkey

However this is just a general introduction. I think understanding this language is the key to the history of the world. My focus on this blog is to translate ancient names and meanings of cities, gods, deities, people ,as well as secrets, simply by using the Albanian language.

This is what some writers had to say about this language:

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